Kansas City Colleges and Schools

This page is all about Kansas City, MO schools and alternative educational programs available to students in the area. 

You’ll find quite a few fine colleges in Kansas City. Each of these schools will provide you with a strong education. And many of them are less expensive than a four-year diploma from an expensive private university. 

You could attend an area campus school where you could sign up for classes in career fields ranging from an air conditioning repair program to a masters degree in business program. The options are pretty limitless. 

Kansas City students additionally have the option of joining online training from colleges in Missouri or based in other states. A wide range of our community students enjoy the practicality and freedom of attending online programs. 

This search feature can help you choose a school that provides the coursework you might be curious about:

While there’s certainly a large assortment of subjects you may enroll in at these universities, a few of the most popular subjects in Missouri today include:

• Architecture 
• Art 
• Business and Finance 
• Culinary Arts 
• Education 
• Healthcare 
• History 
• Information Tech Sciences 
• Law and Paralegal 
• Math and Statistics 
• Natural Science 

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