Design Your Bathroom With Ease

Design your bathroom with ease. With lust-worthy bathrooms all over social media and the pages of interior magazines, it might be time to upgrade your own. Whether it’s a family bathroom, en suite or wet room, it’s important to plan the space carefully to get the best results.

Keeping cleaning times to a minimum is also a priority; surfaces should be non-porous to prevent grime from gathering in seams and crevices. Try using back-painted glass to achieve this.

Floor Plan

Bathrooms that work are those that are well-designed. That doesn’t necessarily mean a sleek space that is all about style but rather one that is well organized and feels natural to use.

Whether you have an existing bathroom to remodel or are creating a new one from scratch, the layout makes all the difference. Make sure you have a clear opening into the room as well as enough space for all of the necessary fixtures.

Add a spa-like feel to your bathroom by placing the tub or shower under a window. This is a great way to create a feeling of luxury and is a simple addition to your design.


The walls in your bathroom are where you make a design statement. Creating a scrapbook of photos, brochures and product catalogs can help bath professionals understand what styles you like.

Stick with neutral colors to promote a spa-like environment. Avoid textured patterns that can easily become dated or difficult to clean.

A framed piece of art is a great way to add interest and a touch of personality. This can be a creative spin on traditional decor or something more whimsical.


Cabinets are a major part of bathroom design. They hide unsightly pipes, hold clean linens and towels, and stash toiletries. Choosing cabinets that suit your decorating style makes all the difference in how the room looks and feels.

Modern-style cabinetry emphasizes relationships between functions-drawers and doors, handles and knobs rather than on carving or applied ornamentation. Here, brushed-metal pulls and handles provide subtle surface variations on crisp white cabinets.

Traditional designs can feature wood-stained cabinets with furniture-style feet to evoke a cozy country feel. Open shelves stocked with pretty trinkets and wicker baskets can also add decorative appeal.


Whether it’s a crystal chandelier, a punchy modern pendant, or a pair of elegant sconces, adding lighting layers elevates a bathroom. These decorative fixtures not only make the space more inviting but also help create softer pools of light to brighten up tasks like applying makeup or shaving.

If possible, consider incorporating natural light in your bathroom with windows and skylights. This will not only provide cost efficiency but will also help you feel energized in the morning and calm at night.


Homeowners want their bathrooms to be attractive but often overlook the importance of a functioning plumbing system. A well-working toilet, showerhead, sink, and tub are the hallmarks of a great bathroom. It’s also important to understand the latest trends in plumbing to get the most out of your remodel. For example, traps, that curved or S-shaped section of pipe under every sink, help form a seal against sewer gas and collect hair and dirt to prevent clogged drains.


Add bathroom accessories to your design that bring color, texture, and utility. From wicker tissue boxes to marble soap dispensers, choose accessories that are moisture and mildew resistant to stay looking new for years.

Towel hooks and bars are minimalist methods for displaying your robe or bath towels while removing a trip hazard from the floor. Likewise, instead of a traditional soap dish consider a liquid soap dispenser that comes in a wide array of scents and textures.

Keep clutter at bay with smart storage solutions like drawer dividers and shelving that maximize your space. Floating shelves can be dressed up in materials that accent your bathroom from rustic barn wood to sleek metal.

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