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Prining Shop In Charlotte Helping The Locals

Your Local Print Shop In North Carolina

Your corporate image is priceless. Imp-Media Printing can make your marketing communications successful and can do it in the most cost-effective ways possible. As your commercial printer, we can ensure a consistent design usage and safeguard your corporate image in all the important ways you communicate.

We can give our clients the best price you can get, handle print fulfillment, stay within your budget and save you countless hours and day to day stress and anxiety. Bottom line, IMP-Media print shop gives you professional print production that saves you time, money and aggravation, and assures you of the extreme high-quality results you expect.

For any business to grow, the basic requirements are as follows: a good product, customer service, reasonable pricing, good after-sales service, and effective marketing. One of the most essential elements of good marketing is to ensure the professional and sophisticated presentation of every aspect of the corporation. Effective advertising materials – such as flyers, pull up banners, envelopes and business cards – can be used to communicate with customers, both current and potential. For these materials to be impressive, effective and high impact, they need to be bright, beautifully rendered and impeccably neat. That’s where we come in. Offering affordable printing in Charlotte NC, we’re making it easy to get your hands on the high-end printed materials you need.

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Why Choose Our Printing Shop In Charlotte?

How you present your brand is crucial – and if you do it well, it conveys to the public the professionalism that you would expect from all reputable companies. However, you don’t have to break the bank when searching for printing and advertising solutions that deliver results. By choosing us for all your flyer printing, pull up banners, envelopes, business cards and other printing services in the Charlotte CBD, you are ensuring you get a good quality product at competitive rates.

We are the foremost printers in Charlotte NC, offering professional digital printing services in the CBD. For well-made flyers, brochures, business cards, envelopes, posters, stickers, flyers, and pull up banners, get in touch with us today. Our stunning products will attract prospective customers and increase your sales. Stand out from the competition with low-cost print solutions for your brand.

Getting started with your order

Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about our printing services or the particular products that we use. We’re always happy to talk with our customers, regardless of their inquiry. It’s this dedication to customer service that sets us apart from our competitors.

Get A Local Roofers You Can Trust In Charlotte NC

 Roofing With Highest Quality And Lowest Responsible Prices


Welcome! With our roofing services, you will always receive dependable, high-quality work for responsible competitive prices. We have been working in the area for more than 28 years. We are the top quality Alpha Omega roofing company for the Charlotte NC local areas and the rest of the county. We offer no obligation free quotes and are glad to be at your service 24/7.

We are roofing replacement specialists and are able to assist you also with repairs. We are really a one-stop shop for all your needs! Check out our recent promotion here:

Our  Roofing Business Specializes in Roof Replacement and Repair
If you live in or near Palm Beach Gardens Florida, here’s why you need Ranger Roofing Services:
Serving Palm Beach Gardens Florida For Over 28 Years
High-Quality Services With The Lowest Reasonable Quotes
We are Insured Licensed and Bonded
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We Get You A Free Quote
Reliable and Friendly Workers
We Always Keep Your Yard Neat at days end on our jobs.
We are used to big jogs. no job is too complicated
A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau

Call A Roofing Company You Can Trust



  • Service Department
    -Expert Roof Repair & Maintenance
    -24/7 Emergency Service
    -Annual and/or Semi-annual Maintenance Service Contracts
    -Quick Response Time
    -Flir Infrared Camera Detection Available
  • Written and detailed proposals.
  • Courteous crews that are helpful!
  • Trained crews by roofing manufacturers.
  • 10, 15, and 20 year warranties backed by roofing manufacturers.

Your 3-Step Guide
“Replacing Your Roof in Colorado”

Property owners are often busy. Working through the complicated insurance claims process can be overwhelming and intimidating.

  • 1

    Hire A Professional Roofing Advocate

    If you would hire an attorney to represent you after a bad car wreck, you should hire a professional roofing advocate to walk you through the claims process to get your home or business fixed right the first time. We have successfully worked more than 2,000 claims with many of the highest-rated insurance companies.

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    Experience Matters Because Time Is Money

    Although the insurance claims process can be overwhelming, and a bit intimidating, you can virtually eliminate your time investment by bringing in an experienced professional to take care of you. Make one call and you’ll eliminate the hassle of working with multiple contractors.

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    Make One Easy Decision And We Do The Hard Work

    In most cases, all you’ll need to do is pick the shingle and color that matches your home or business. If you have an HOA, you may also need to submit approval documents, but that’s all. We handle the hard work and take care of you with our 5 Star Promise.



Charleston NC Roofers Get The Job Done Right

Charleston NC Roofers Get The Job Done Right With Alpha Omega

In case you’re needing a material fix or potentially material substitution call Alpha Omega Roofing Charleston SC Today!! We will give you a careful and fair assessment of what’s required to fix or supplant your rooftop. Likewise, on the off chance that you need assistance with your protection guarantee, we have long stretches of aptitude and can work with you and for your sake to ensure your case is taken care of appropriately and expertly. The Alpha Omega Roofing Company is your nearby Charleston Roofer and we’ll give you our absolute best! Call us today!

Structural Shingles For Your Roof In Charleston

What are the most prevalent shingles for material substitution? By a wide margin, the most mainstream shingles being utilized in and around the Charleston SC region would be Architectural shingles. The most prominent shading decisions are made by Owens Corning and the GAF Corporation. These shingles are a lot heavier than the more established 3-tab shingles and have numerous advantages over the 3-tabs. There are likewise various evaluations of Architectural shingles including sway safe shingles which can set aside your cash on your property holders arrangement. Notwithstanding, dependably check with your protection bearer to check whether they will offer you a decrease in your rates with the effect safe shingle. We prescribe you take a gander at all of your alternatives – there are various hues, structures, and examples accessible to upgrade your homes look and esteem. Call Alpha Omega Roofing Company to find out pretty much the majority of your material choices.

What is the most well-known material style in Charleston?

The most famous material style is known as a “Peak Roof”. In any case, you have other prominent material choices, for example, level rooftops shed rooftops, Hipped rooftops, Mansard Roofs, Gabrel Roofs, Bonnet rooftops, and the sky is the limit from there. Lets hit one up of the most well-known rooftops “Peak Roofs”. A peak rooftop has different sides that incline down from a focal or top edge. A peak rooftop is easy to assemble and reasonable for some atmospheres. A peak rooftop can be vented and does not gather precipitation or potentially garbage like fallen leaves. With a legitimate slant regularly 4/12 or higher in pitch the peaked rooftop will keep going quite a while with a quality rooftop establishment. The peak rooftop likewise permits space for a loft which is incredible for legitimate protection. Likewise, dependably recall an appropriately protected storage room and an appropriately ventilated rooftop will help take out ice dams from framing on your rooftop overhang. A peak rooftop is a GREAT ROOF!

Call The Alpha Omega Roofing Company In Charleston SC and permit us the chance to turn into your Roofing Contractor of decision. We have earned the BBB Gold Star the previous 4 years and anticipate acquiring your material business. We actually deal with your rooftop establishment from beginning to end for your total fulfillment.

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Beneath, you will locate the most widely recognized material applications. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a material fix or a total material establishment chances are the roofing material is recorded underneath.

The Denver Roofing Company trusts this page will help teach you to the various decisions accessible in the market today. You will locate the run of the mill and most mainstream material decisions like 3-tab shingles, dimensional shingles, vitality sparing shingles, lifetime shingles, wood shake shingles, tile rooftops and metal material. Various shading alternatives are accessible for all applications.

“Your group was super and we valued their polished methodology. We couldn’t be more joyful and will prescribe you to anybody.”

Jeff Lameur

There are numerous interesting points when introducing another rooftop on your home. Here are a couple

What number of layers of material do you presently have?

What is the state of your wood sheathing?

Do you have space decking?

Could your structure bolster the heaviness of another rooftop?

Is the rooftop slant suitable for the sort of rooftop you need?

Are there any issues with the fireplace or divider flashings?

Do you have legitimate storage room as well as soffit ventilation?

The Denver Roofing Company can help answer these inquiries and ensure you’re very much educated on the sort of rooftop you need and the most ideal approach to introduce it.

This is the most prudent shingle available. Considered a 20-25yr shingle. The benefit of this shingle is the lower cost and the burden is that they will, in general, be the most inclined to wind harm.

Multi-year shingles30 year shingles


The dimensional shingle is the most widely recognized shingle available today. The shingle is evaluated as a 30-40yr shingle. It’s a lot heavier in weight than the 3-tab and confronts the components much better.


Lifetime black-top shingles are like the famous 30-40yr dimensional shingles. Be that as it may, they are heavier and thicker and come in various structure designs. Most are sway safe.


This is a genuinely new shingle to the material business. Same as the dimensional in look and appearance. Be that as it may, this shingle is a “Vitality Star” evaluated shingle fitting the bill for up to a $1,500 government discount.


Wood Shakes offer a characteristic look with the character because of the variety in shading, width, and cut of wood. Shakes offer some vitality reserve funds however request appropriate upkeep and fix. Shakes can give a wonderful look for numerous years.


Tile can have a life expectancy more prominent than the structure under it and require almost no support to keep up. Tile is additionally accessible in an assortment of hues and styles. Be that as it may, be cautious, as tile requires an appropriately assembled structure to help its substantial weight.


Metal Roofs have turned out to be prominent as of late. The most mainstream imagined to one side is a standing crease metal rooftop. These metal rooftops come in different hues and structures and are truly tough, heatproof, and nearly upkeep free.